Safaricom Launches Cutting-Edge Cloud Solutions for Business Clients”


Safaricom, a prominent mobile network operator in Kenya, has revitalized its domestic cloud computing platform and services. This move aims to assist businesses and organizations in digitizing their operations, providing flexibility and resilience in an ever-evolving environment.

Empowered by VMware technologies, the renewed cloud services are hosted in data centers located in Nairobi and Kisumu. Beyond existing offerings, the enhanced services enable customers to operate their applications with the adaptability to assign cloud computing capabilities on a unified interface. This enhancement permits customers to purchase cloud computing capabilities in bulk and customize the environment to meet specific business application needs.

A Commitment to Boosting Digital Transformation in Kenya

Cynthia Karuri-Kropac, Safaricom’s Chief Enterprise Business Officer, highlights, “This marks the beginning of a new era of opportunities for businesses, acting as a springboard for innovation and growth. We are confident that by offering businesses world-class cloud computing capabilities, we are enabling them to uncover new opportunities, prosper in the digital era and efficiently and cost-effectively realize their growth aspirations.”

Utilizing OPEX Models for Expansion

This move is aligned with the company’s steadfast commitment to energizing possibilities and driving digital transformation in Kenya. Safaricom’s cloud services will grant enterprise customers the agility to expand their businesses by employing adaptable computing resources and utilizing OPEX models. This will equip them with the capabilities to operate their business from any location, ensuring highly available access to their operations and delivering reliable operations to their end customers.

Offering Secure Hosting Services

The cloud services also entail offering secure hosting services for business applications, addressing data residency concerns, and ensuring secure connectivity and payment integrations to business applications securely hosted on the cloud.

Initiated in 2010, Safaricom’s Cloud as a Service began by offering Infrastructure as a Service, with consumption based on Virtual Machines and Managed Service rather than Self-Service.




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