Sanofi Reveals the identities of the 11 startups billed to pitch in the AfricaTech Challenge.

11 startups have been chosen to participate in the online event, and are divided into four stages with each having diverse startups.


Sanofi, a global pharmaceutical firm, has revealed the identities of the promising startups that will participate in its prestigious AfricaTech Challenge. The challenge will be held online and will take place on 11 June 2020.

The AfricaTech Challenge program will replace the 2020 edition of the VivaTech programme, which was billed to take place in Paris. This year’s edition of the AfricaTech Challenge will have four stages and 11 participants. Also, each stage will have a winner, which will be announced once the pitching ends. A total of 34 countries and 268 applications were received.

Below are the various stages of the Sanofi’s AfricaTech Challenge

Pitch challenge #1 – Digital Health Book

Startups billed to participate in this stage of the pitch challenge includes;

  • Keeplyna (An ehealth platform based in Tunisia) – Keeplyna provides telemedicine.
  • Bypa-ss (An healthtech platform based in Egypt) – Bypa-ass helps to facilitate checkups.
  • Eyone (A healthtech platform based in Senegal) – Eyone offers patients the chance to share medical records digitally, with other health professionals

Pitch challenge #2 Smart Logistics

  • Doctor 4 Africa (An online platform based in India) – Doctor 4 Africa helps to connect patients in need of healthcare to professionals in underserved regions in Africa.
  • Mobilhealth International (a telehealth app based in Nigeria) – Mobilhealth is a telehealth digital medical record and video application.

Pitch challenge #3 Health financing

  • Soso Care (healthtech startup) – Soso Care allows every Nigerian to access health insurance and care in a total of 1170 clinics across the country.
  • MamaPrime (Kenya-based startup) – MamaPrime allows mothers and their families to make pre-payments for pre- and postnatal care.
  • JokkoSanté (Senegal-based startup) – Jokko is a digital payment platform that concerns money intended for one’s health.

Pitch challenge # 4 Maternal and neonatal health

  • Teheca (Uganda-based startup) – Teheca helps to connect new and expecting mothers to well-trained, experienced, and qualified nurses to conduct postnatal checkups in the comfort of their homes.
  • The University Agency Innovation (Cameroon-based startup) – This startup has a spin-off known as AUI Techno. It helps to design and produce an interactive infant incubator.
  • Natal Cares (Nigerian-based startup) – Natal Cares has an integrated solution that provides a series of healthcare services such as medical monitoring, emergency, and healthcare services. These services are for at-risk pregnant women, including nursing mothers living in disconnected rural areas.

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