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Senegalese Startup Kwely Receives Investment to Support International Growth


Digital Africa, an eminent investment consortium, is excited to declare that Kwely Inc., a pioneering startup from Senegal, has successfully received investment from Fuzé. This development represents a crucial step forward in promoting Made-in-Africa products on a worldwide scale.

Established in the early months of 2020, Kwely Inc. functions as a B2B wholesale distribution channel dedicated to Made-in-Africa goods. The enterprise partners with indigenous suppliers to enhance and create new African brands, striving to elevate them to export-ready status while transforming global perceptions of African merchandise.

In the midst of economic challenges, Digital Africa stands out by offering crucial assistance to startups like Kwely Inc. This investment group understands the importance of nurturing e-commerce platforms that aim to bring the diversity of African products to the global stage.

Birame Sock, the Founder and CEO of Kwely, shared her enthusiasm, saying, “It’s heartening to find a true ally in Fuzé who aligns with Kwely’s mission. Our commitment to promoting Made-in-Africa products on a global scale is unwavering, and we’re grateful for the support that helps us move closer to our objectives.”

Ali Mnif, the Chief Investment Officer at Digital Africa, highlighted Kwely’s unique strategy in aiding local craftsmen and producers. The early achievements have been encouraging, leading Digital Africa and Fuzé to confidently anticipate Kwely’s continued success in the future phases.

Kwely stands as more than a simple distribution channel; it serves as a key enabler for the international visibility and success of premium Made-in-Africa products.

The platform is dedicated to elevating Made-in-Africa goods to prominent positions in leading global retail environments, including hotels, airports, boutique stores, and dining establishments. Beyond distribution, Kwely’s holistic strategy encompasses the creation of a specialized B2B wholesale transaction platform and a packaging studio, aimed at ensuring these products adhere to global standards.

In April 2021, Kwely launched the TEKKI Challenge in Senegal, offering ten local enterprises in the food and cosmetics sectors the chance to improve their branding, packaging, and market penetration. Through this endeavor, Kwely has partnered with these companies, jointly developing products and brands from Africa that are ready for international export and meet global quality benchmarks.

With the launch of its packaging studio, Kwely is set to provide filling and packaging solutions that adhere to rigorous international standards, including those of the United States Food and Drug Administration, along with other global standardizing bodies.

The partnership with #Fuzé represents a significant milestone for the startup, showcasing the increasing trust in the global appeal of Made-in-Africa products. As Kwely advances its mission, Digital Africa and Fuzé emerge as solid allies, committed to transforming the global perception of African e-commerce.




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