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Investment Surge in Nigeria’s Klas Following Milestone of Over 5,000 Online Schools Worldwide


The online education platform Klas recently raised $1 million in a pre-seed investment round. The round was led by Ingressive Capital and saw participation from Techstars, HoaQ, as well as various angel investors. Nathan Nwachuku and Lekan Adejumo, who founded Klas in 2022, have developed it into a platform that facilitates the creation and sale of ebooks, courses, and the ability to host live classes. It offers a comprehensive suite of features including scheduling, payment processing, community engagement, analytics, and video conferencing, covering a wide range of subjects such as programming, design, finance, art, and languages.

This investment marks a pivotal strategy for Klas, facilitating the expansion of its offerings and the improvement of user experiences. The startup has successfully attracted a diverse user base, comprising over 5,000 online schools and 300,000 learners spanning 30 countries. Klas distinguishes itself in the competitive market with its streamlined toolkit and intuitive interface, setting it apart from existing market players.

Investors were drawn to Klas for a variety of strategic reasons, all of which underscored their strong conviction in the startup’s ability to innovate within the online education sector.

The Story and Vision of the Founder

The personal journey of Nathan Nwachuku played a pivotal role in bolstering investor confidence. Overcoming significant obstacles, including the loss of an eye and a two-month coma, Nwachuku channeled his enthusiasm for physics and the difficulties he faced with existing educational platforms into the creation of Klas. This story deeply engaged investors, highlighting the founder’s grit, perseverance, and distinct outlook.

Investors have acknowledged the strategic market position of Klas as a late entrant. The founders pinpointed a niche where established entities such as Kajabi and Thinkific were found to be too complex for newcomers. By offering an intuitive and straightforward suite of tools, Klas aimed to meet the increasing appetite for online learning. This approach led investors to believe in Klas’s ability to secure a significant portion of the market by focusing on the requirements of online education beginners.

Klas’s dedication to creating a proprietary ecosystem and the development of its bespoke virtual classroom platform, KlasLife, exemplified innovation. The startup’s unique video architecture captivated investors, setting it apart from competitors who depended on third-party applications such as Zoom or Google Meet. By choosing to develop its own solution from scratch, Klas showcased a progressive mindset, improving user experience and distinguishing itself in a competitive landscape.

Klas presented a detailed strategy for its expansion, focusing on entering markets like India and North America. The company’s strategic plan to mitigate currency devaluation issues by enabling transactions in local currencies demonstrated a considerate strategy towards global expansion. This approach undoubtedly appealed to investors, highlighting Klas’s comprehensive plan for broadening its reach.

Launched in 2022 by founders Nathan Nwachuku, inspired by a personal challenge, and Lekan Adejumo, Klas has rapidly evolved into a platform recognized worldwide. This innovative startup is dedicated to enabling users to easily create and manage online schools. Its distinctive feature is the creation of a proprietary virtual classroom tool, KlasLife, offering a comprehensive ecosystem for its users.

With a strong user base primarily in Nigeria, Klas is setting its sights on expanding its footprint to India and North America. The company strategically supports transactions in local currencies to mitigate the impact of currency depreciation. By 2027, Klas aims to support up to 100,000 online schools around the globe, showcasing its dedication to growth and its vision of making online education accessible to all.




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