SentinelOne to use its AI-powered technology to protect AASA against cyber attacks

Cyberattacks is one of the most pressing challenges facing businesses as attackers grow more sophisticated every other day.

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SentinelOne has announced that it will offer its cybersecurity solution to the South African based Automobile Association (AA). The cybersecurity platform has launched its AI-powered technology to help AASA deal with cyber attacks.

AA which has been using legacy endpoint antivirus has suffered attacks and seeks SentinelOne’s AI-powered solution to deter further hacking.

Using the AI-powered solution, AA is able to monitor every activity in its network and take action in case of a threat or cyber attack.

SentinelOne’s AI is tailored in such a way that it can use forensic visibility to detect attacks and automatically counter the attack. AI uses a lightweight agent that works when both online and offline to counter attacks.

AA has its offices located in South Africa and offers mobility and travel services, serving over 150,000 members. The offline package of SentinelOne is the real solution to AA as the operation is throughout even when not connected.

Offering 24/7 roadside services, AA is determined to leave ni gaps for hackers hence the need for an online and offline working security model.

The AaA of South Africa is focused to offer its customers secure services. SentinelOne offers robust APIs ensuring service delivery is uninterrupted which is the attraction point for AASA.

AA is determined to beef its endpoint protection especially in the wake of increased cyber-attacks. SentinelOne is one platform that has bridged that gap using its AI technology.

SentinelOne responds quickly and automatically to attacks, ensuring an organization remains secure and not affected by hackers.


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