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ShapShap, a Nigerian startup, wins the $8,000 Supernova Prize at GITEX Global 2022


 At GITEX Global 2022 in Dubai, ShapShap, a Startup from Nigeria, won the $8,000 prize for the Supernova – Mobility and Smart Cities Innovator contest. This was a big win for both ShapShap and Nigeria.

Khalil Halilu started ShapShap in 2019 as an on-demand delivery service that uses data and mobile technology to make same-day delivery more organized and reliable.

The company has made more than 40,000 deliveries in Lagos and Abuja. With Khalil’s track record and ShapShap’s unique approach to last-mile logistics, this is a unique investment opportunity.

In April 2022, V8 Capital Partners gave the startup a seed expansion investment to help it grow its capabilities and move into new markets.

Last-mile delivery in Africa grew, and companies like GoKada, Kwik, and ShapShap started to raise money to expand their services and reach new markets.

The last mile of delivery is essential to logistics and supply chain management. It’s also hard to do right, but the new company is making a change in this perspective. 

This Supernova prize for the Nigerian Startup also shows that NITDA is committed to ensuring that homegrown innovations get all the help they need to do well locally and compete on the world stage.




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