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SolarTaxi, a Ghanaian startup secures funding from Persistent to boost product offering


The Ghanaian company SolarTaxi, which specializes in electric transportation, has received funding from the company Persistent to broaden its product offering.

In 2018, Jorge Appiah established SolarTaxi as a manufacturer and distributor of electric four-wheel vehicles and two-wheel and four-wheel vehicles under the brand name e-4Ws and e-2Ws, respectively. These automobiles are utilized in the delivery as well as transportation service industries.

The company also has a presence in Tamale, Takoradi and Kumasi. E-commerce companies such as Bolt and Jumia are two of SolarTaxi’s most notable customers in Ghana. These industries use SolarTaxi’s two-wheel to deliver customers’ orders across Accra.

SolarTaxi’s electric vehicles are designed to be charged at home, even though the company intends to develop and roll out solar charging points as the market grows.

In the interim, the SolarCampus app will soon be available for download. This software will give college students access to e-transportation services and allow them to make orders brought by e-bike.

Persistent, an investor and leader in the e-mobility and off-grid in Sub-Saharan Africa, has provided funding for all of these projects. Persistent has made twenty early-stage investments in commercial and industrial solar pay-as-you-go solar distributors, mini-grid developers, mobility companies and technology enablers.

SolarTaxi is the fourth investment in an electric vehicle undertaken by Persistent. Solar Taxi can obtain working capital to fulfil major contracts and orders for its electric vehicles with the assistance of its funding and the venture building it has undertaken.

Our path through the years has been marked by persistence and hard work, from putting together our prototype car to getting a seed investment from Mastercard Foundation, our main partner. After that, we had to show the viability of the business concept underlying the model by expanding the scope of our operations throughout four diverse regions in Ghana.

The success that we have had thus far may be attributed to the aid that we have received from our business partners, customers, investors, and hardworking members of our workforce. As we pave our path to success, one of our goals is to expand the scope of our current business activities by creating an assembly factory in Ghana to produce motorbikes and other vehicles.

In light of this, we are delighted to announce that Persistent has joined the SolarTaxi family. They not only agree with our vision but have also committed their resources to ensure its success.

The latest commitment from Persistent demonstrates the company’s faith in both our team and our overall business strategy. In addition, this funding enables SolarTaxi to receive the assistance we require to realize our long-term goals.




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