South Africa Digital Skills To Benefit From BCX Investment


On 14 December 2017, BCX announced that it would be investing $7.5 million. The money will be used to develop the low digital skills in ICT infrastructure and software programming alongside cybersecurity, Fintech and artificial intelligence. The project will last for more than three years in collaboration with the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi) in South Africa.

CiTiX- Futured by BCX will be the name of the project. In the project, BCX and CiTi will train at least 250 candidates annually in digital skills using CiTi’s CapaCiTi program skills development and job readiness methodology. CiTi jobs’ fund grant also opens great operational efficiency and scale that CiTiX will use. Recruitment started in December 2017 and the program will be launched later in January 2018. According to Ian Russell, CEO of BCX,  the organization is has an excellent passion for technology and any innovation that it allows for improvement of the lives of South Africans especially the youth.

The company supports all initiatives that will remove barriers to entry for South Africans, so they can become key players in the digital space and improve Industry 4.0. The group is creating a conducive ecosystem of new skills, tech businesses and knowledge stream as a pipeline for digital growth through the collaboration with the Tshimologong Precinct at Wits University, Propella in Port Elizabeth and the Bandwidth Barn in Cape Town where CiTi is based.

Students will get relevant technical training in software programming and ICT infrastructure, and will also incorporate five key skills streams: Operations Technology, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Geomatics and Artificial Intelligence. The programme will equip them to support and manage products and services in Agritech, Marinetech, Fintech and Cybersecurity and many more. CiTi, this is perceived as another improvement in CiTi’s journey of supporting an inclusive and transformed economy, through digital skills creation and disruptive innovation. As Africa’s oldest technology incubator and home to one of the most successful technology and digital job readiness and skills development programmes we are privileged to partner with BCX to create CiTiX- Futured by BCX

CiTiX in partnership with BCX will take unemployed South African youth through an intensive and holistic career readiness pathway, equipping them with the technical and personal skills needed for success in the knowledge economy. Acting as a bridge between education and employment, the program design ensures graduates are fully supported and experienced to add value to hire immediately.


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