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Partnership of Two Digital Companies to Improve Africa Digital Transformation


OCP Group is an agriculture solution and chemicals company. The Moroccan based company has collaborated with multinational technology company IBM to have a joint venture named TEAL Technology Services to help facilitate digital transformation in important sectors within Africa. Through the new venture, OCP will use IBM technology to digitize operations of agriculture clients across the continent.

TEAL Technology Services will provide digital transformation services and data center services to Moroccan and African companies, across industries. As part of the agreement, IBM will also manage and transform OCP’s IT-related operations according to Takreem El-Tohamy, IBM Middle East & Africa General Manager. The new joint venture will support OCP to accelerate its digital transformation initiatives implemented within various organizations.

Companies will depend on the transformation of the continent’s agriculture sector and the expansion and diversification of its manufacturing, industrial and service sectors. Improving the full power of digital technologies and solutions will be important to the growth. The technologies to be implemented include analytics, cognitive and Internet of things (IoT) and customized services statement notes.

Irrespective of massive digital transformation drives, Stephan Gous, SWECA Territory Manager at Nintex believes that 68% of business processes remain highly manual. This is because the IT department only can automate the most complex yet least dynamic processes. Sulemana Abubakar, CEO for GE Africa, said that businesses that rush to adopt technologies that are driving digital revolution in Africa, including the Internet of Things, might not achieve the needed results because of failure to consider the importance of data analytics. The whole idea of this industrial digitalization is to significantly ramp up productivity across multiple industries.


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