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SA Now has Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 

credit: Windows

TechInAfrica – Microsoft brings a new solution to the table, Microsoft Surface Hub 2S available in South Africa.

According to Johannes Groenewald, who shared the news, the Surface portfolio and the new Surface Hub 2S is multifunctional.

“The Surface portfolio and the new Surface Hub 2S is ideal for sectors such as education, public sector, finance, tech, and telecommunications as well as large corporates who collaborate in teams and conduct hybrid meetings with both in-person and remote participants.”

“Not only does the Surface portfolio seamlessly enhance productivity and participation in hybrid workforces or student bodies, but it also delivers measurable value. In fact, Forrester’s research found that maximizing an organization’s ROI from Microsoft 365 Enterprise by using Microsoft Surface devices delivered increased efficiency and productivity worth $16.2 million.

“End-users equipped with Surface devices saw significant time savings when pairing them with Microsoft 365 Enterprise collaboration and cloud storage technologies, saving on average two hours a day in terms of efficiency and productivity. End-users enjoyed the improved collaboration and saved time from the device interface, flexibility, and peripherals, while IT saw significant cost and time savings related to device management.”

“Because it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, Microsoft business solutions, and the free Microsoft education solutions, there is no need for third-party software and complicated integration,” Groenewald says.

Groenewald also adds that the seamless integration to Microsoft Teams and Skype For Business, as well as Microsoft business solutions and the free Microsoft education solutions, has made it unnecessary ‘for third-party software and complicated integration’.

Users can self-configured and self-customized the software here.



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