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People Solutions in Partnership with Digemy Launches FutureSkills.Africa in SA


TechInAfrica – People Solutions in partnership with a Cape Town-based tech startup Digemy has launched Digital Academy called the FutureSkills.Africa. The new initiative aims at changing the future of education by using a new model that leverages the latest technology.

“On the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, education, training, and skills development delivery methods are transforming. The classroom is no longer a place, but rather a space,” said Natasha Terlecki, General Manager of Emerging Markets and Digital Transformation at People Solutions. “As part of the People Solution’s Massive Transformative Purpose to take skills development to the last person, in the last town in South Africa, Africa and beyond, we needed a solution that could provide the latest technology, at scale and with an exponential impact. A solution backed by data and enhanced by machine learning. We decided to partner with Digemy to incorporate their award-winning learning platform within our Future Skills digital academy.”

“We are very excited about the change Futureskills.Africa will create in a continent that is in desperate need of accelerated skills development. When we learn, the process of understanding what we know and how often to repeat it is still very manual, stealing time from the learner to do something that can actually be done by an intelligent system. By automating this process, we are able to increase the knowledge of a learner while decreasing the time spent learning. We have seen some amazing results and received some inspiring testimonials of how it optimizes the learning journey.”

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The platform is launched with the Life-Long Learning and Financial Literacy series alongside Work Readiness Skills, Digital Literacy, Future Skills, Business Process Outsourcing Functional Skills, BPO Specialist Skills—Customer Service, Sales, and Collections.

Furthermore, it uses the knowledge measurement of the learner on key concepts regularly. The measurement helps to know what concepts to use on each learner depending on their level of knowledge.

“Our method is all about accountability; giving learners a measuring stick of exactly where they are, not just in terms of how much they know today, but how many times they still need to repeat what they know for it to be locked down in their long-term memory to enable them to apply it with confidence. Digemy decided to partner with People Solutions on the FutureSkills.Africa Platform, not only to develop relevant, future-fit content that addresses the identified Future Skills curriculum as set out by the World Economic Forum and Global Business Services Sector, but also to accelerate skills development by using a platform that has proven to deliver results, in a continent in dire need of skills development,” said Kobus Louw, Managing Director at Digemy.



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