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Campfire Session Webinar Took Place on July

credit: Orbis

TechInAfrica – A leading land asset technology company based in Washington D.C, Orbis had recently host a webinar ‘Campire Sessions’ on Tuesday, July 20, 2021.

 The industry leaders participated as speakers on the webinar and a networking follow-up with the participants.

 The first from the webinar series discussed about pandemic and technology relationships, titled “The Pandemic Effect: How the Events of 2020-2021 Are Changing Technology & Operations in the Timberland Industry,” that took place at 2 pm ET.

 “Through Campfire Sessions, Orbis hopes to bring together leaders from different corners of the land management industry for relevant, entertaining, and timely discussions,” said Russell Combs, Co-Founder and President, Orbis, Inc.

“Much like time spent around an actual campfire, we see this initiative as a way to create natural opportunities for storytelling, brainstorming, and bonding over our shared interests and investments.”

The panelists to name a few for the July series were Blake Stansell, President & CEO, The Forestland Group; Brent Keefer, CEO, American Forest Management, Inc.; Steve Jack, Managing Director – Forest Management, Timberland Investment Resources; and Rodney Howell, Senior VP – Resource Planning, Resource Management Service, LLC. The co-founders of Orbis, Russell Combs, and Clarence Neese joined the panelist as well.



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