Call for Patience in African Tech Adoption


For businesses to achieve the intended results, they should then stop rushing to adopt technology that is used to drive digital revolution in Africa like, Internet of Things to help in proper consideration of data value. Rushing to implement the technologies without keenly looking at the data value generated for subsequent insights and intelligence they offer only affects innovation according to Sulemana Abubakar, CEO for GE Africa.

Cases, where there is a jet engine on an airline and the engine, has a smart sensor for collecting information about the engine operation like fuel consumption, vibration, and temperature the information is collected after that internet is used to transfer the all the information to an unknown place. The information, therefore, becomes of no use unless the use of analytic versus the data is deployed and then the data is retrieved to get insight to drive specific business outcomes.

Data companies can study their operational instruments making their systems more efficient and improve their business operations. Africa is also on the forefront of embracing the technological revolution that is currently going on globally. Both Africa and the western world are reading on almost the same technology script. The only difference is that power and mining industries are the most improved sectors that have gone digital.

Around 1990’s and 2010’s the world productivity was about 4% and contrary to 2011 to 2015 where it has gone down to roughly 1%. The digitalization will help increase productivity across various industries. The fact that big data, analytics, and internet are enabling technologies, the main reason why there is digitalization globally if the anticipation of the productivity that will come afterward with a significant improvement in efficiency that obviously leads to quality business outcomes.


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Written by Denis Opudo

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