South African Startups That Use Artificial Intelligence

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A significant number of South African startups have revolutionized in 2017 and embraced the Artificial Intelligence (AI) related technologies in their software. The list below contains some South African startups that have either potentially disruptive technologies using AI or developed cutting AI solutions.


The Cape Town-based startup was established in 2013 by Daniel Schwartzkopff and Francis Cronje. The firm lauds itself as a machine learning specialist. The startup gives consulting and product development services to some industries from law to finance.


The startup was founded in 2011 by Dayne, Ryan Falkenberg, and Mark Pederson. The Stellenbosch-based startup deals in giving pieces of advice that can help staff analyze situations make the right decision and take the right actions.


The startup was founded in 2014 by James Paterson and Benji Meltzer who are based in Cape Town. The startup is an information-analytical company that utilizes aerial imagery and machine learning algorithms to solve specific problems across some industries including insurance and agriculture.


The company was established in 2013 by Mark Karimov and Julian Dallimore, and initially, it was known as Strider gives several solutions to various financial companies like insurance companies and banks.


The startup was launched in 2014 by Via Chinner. It majors in the application of mathematical modeling and machine learning to ad technology.


The startup gives short-term insurance to lower-income earners. The company uses different groups like AI, machine learning, behavioral economics and peer-to-peer underwriting. Policyholders are grouped into similar risk profiles.

Isazi Consulting

It majors in optimization and machine learning. The machine learning incorporates creative thinking, Maths, and AI to work out some South African hardest problems in software and app development, mining, disease control, mining, app development, online casinos, pharmaceuticals and fraud detection.


It is an adaptive learning feature that was founded in 2013. The Cape Town-based startup uses AI to assist mentors, teachers and tutors to understand the proficiency level of every student as well as grasp the required content


The startup was a participant of Startupbootcamp London and came as the third at the 2017 Hague Institute of Innovation in law awards. The startup is based in Cape Town.

Emerge Analytics

The startups get solutions to complex business problems using advanced data analytics like AI. The company looks forward to helping its clients overcome the cooperate data maze, emerging with best answers, optimized profits and news insights.


The startup founded in 2012 by Wolfgang von Lope. The firm that offers agriculture solutions to farmers and aims to equip farmers with agricultural intelligence that will help them save time and money through optimized decision making.


The startup was founded in 2015 by Watkins-Ball. The Cape Town-based fintech platform is looking forward to providing large-scale, low-cost financial services to emerging markets. The startup uses behavioral data from mobile phone users to create financial identities for small to medium-sized enterprises.


The Cape Town allows business owners to know their customers by providing checkups. The startup helps businesses to minimize frauds, makes it automatic to know your customer, and improve onboarding as well as increase revenue while providing an on-demand, seamless customer experience.


It was launched in 2016, and it makes use of big data and machine learning technology to automatically match consultants to project briefs through the digital freelance platform.


It assists farmers to find crop issues sooner through satellites, drones, and local agricultural experts.


The startup is based in Johannesburg, and it develops chatbot platforms across various messaging apps. BotsZA’s platforms use AI and machine learning to respond to users on time.


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