South Africa to Host the First Artificial Intelligence Expo


All roads will lead to Cape Town as tech survives meet between September 9 and 11, 2018. For the first time ever, South Africa has organized an artificial intelligence (AI) expo. The expo, known as “AI Expo Africa” will focus on practical solutions to improve African economy.

The chairman of the expo, Roy Bannister said that the expo will attract AI startups, government, investors, and other key stakeholders. Moreover, the presentations will be related to CxO / c-suite decision-makers. The expo emphasized on these and their impact on solving daily business problems. The application of AI will showcase to the public the nature of the world today and future generation.

One of the expo directors, Nick Bradshaw said that the event will give an opportunity for various AI stakeholders and ICT players to share ideas. Moreover, he pointed out that they included SMEs which other events try to exclude. He said that the delegates would join hands in seeing the “real world” future and adopt the technology.

Speaking to the CEO and co-founder of CLEVVA, Ryan Falkenberg expressed his delight for the organizers. Additionally, he said that AI will provide solutions to what most businesses need. Besides, he said that many businesses seek to know how to gain within a year or six months. CLEVVA SME works with Virtual Adviser Apps.

The foundation of the expo relies on the application of AI and spread of knowledge. The organizers intend to educate many people in Africa about the technology.

According to the CEO of Siatik, Brett StClair, in the next few years, AI will have a great impact on business operation. Siatik ventures in IoT, AI, big data, and ML. Moreover, Siatik is Africa’s leading cloud data partner. Brett also said that they will use the expo to elaborate the current and future of AI in various sectors.

The expo organizers came up with six different themes and three tracks for the event. These include AI deployment, AI case studies, AI application in business. Other themes are ethics and skills besides business innovations that facilitate deployment in different sectors.

The partner and chief investment officer of Startupbootcamp Africa, Zachariah George said that he supports and will the event. He also said that business can eliminate many risks by venturing into AI. AI also helps B2B enterprises in various ways and these shall be seen during the event.


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