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South Africa opens an office for the ICT Skills Registry


The Wireless Access Providers Association of South Africa (WAPA) and the Wireless Application Service Providers Association (WASPA), the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) have announced the start of phase one of the ICT Skills Registry. This database has the profiles and skill sets of people who want to work in the ICT industry.

The National Skills Development Programme and the Skills Registry are both geared toward the ICT industry. Its primary purpose is to give young people looking for work a place to start learning new skills through internships or “leadership.”

Aurora Vani, chair of the ISPA’s Social Development working committee, said, “It is important for South African ICT companies to develop new talent in the field now, or they risk a chronic lack of human capital in the future, which would slow down growth.”

Candidates who have registered can submit their CVs, present a powerful statement of purpose expressing their skills and experience, and complete a questionnaire to choose their ICT interests and capabilities. 

Businesses that want to offer internships, learnerships, or full-time jobs will be able to search the database by ICT application or job description to find people in their area who might be interested.

We are ecstatic to announce the launch of this ICT skills development site, which provides prospective employers with an easy and user-friendly faceted search engine to locate local candidates that fulfil their skills and demographic profile requirements.

“The Skills Registry will do a lot to help people improve their skills and find jobs in the ICT sector,” says Ms Vani. Visit If you want to work in the ICT field and have intermediate or advanced IT experience and skills, Through one of the Skills Registry’s internships or leadership programs, you can get the work experience you need to finish school.




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