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Adobe is reportedly planning to purchase Figma for a staggering $20 billion


According to recent reports, Adobe is getting ready to finalize the purchase of Figma, a young company based in the United States that develops online creative collaboration tools.

Reports say that the deal could be for around $20 billion, as Adobe wants to add more collaboration-focused platforms for the hybrid-work era to its portfolio.

The top software company is paying more attention to the market for collaboration tools. Figma has also said that Adobe will keep Figma running on its own. The existing Chief Executive Officer of Figma, Dylan Field, will continue in his role.

An agreement for Adobe to acquire Figma, a firm that develops online creative collaboration tools, is thought to be in its final stages of completion. A recent report from Reuters said that Figma could be bought for about $20 billion. As was said before, the acquisition is consistent with Adobe’s plans to grow its portfolio of collaboration-focused platforms in preparation for the future of hybrid work.

Adobe is the company that developed some of the most famous graphics and photo-editing applications in the business, such as Photoshop and After Effects. Recently, the US company has been growing in the market for tools that help people work together.

Companies like Zoom Video Communications, AirBnB, and Coinbase currently use Figma’s online design and brainstorming platform.

In a blog post, Dylan Field, the CEO of Figma, said he would keep his job.



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