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“FarmTrace, South African Agritech Startup, Secures Funding to Expand Farm Management Solutions”.


FarmTrace, a cloud-based agritech solution that has secured a sizable investment from Secha Capital and Hassium Capital, has made cutting-edge farm management technologies available to farmers in South Africa.

FarmTrace is the only cloud-based farm management tool of its kind in the country. It gives farmers a wide range of tools to help them run their farms.

The software lets farmers keep an eye on and run their operations from anywhere in the world. It also gives them an accurate, live picture of their farming operation. This helps farmers improve their yields, make their farms more efficient in all areas, and waste less food, making their businesses profitable for years.

Brendan Mullen, the managing director of Secha Capital, praised FarmTrace for coming up with a solution that solves the biggest problems in farming. He said FarmTrace is made with the farmer in mind, which is different from other companies that treat agriculture as a single field.

Howard Saffy, the managing director of Hassium Capital, said he was excited to be a part of FarmTrace’s growth in South Africa and beyond. He pointed out that the company has done a great job of building a group of very happy clients who grow a wide range of gardening crops.

Farmers have also said that they like how the system can be changed to fit their needs and doesn’t force them to change what they already know how to do.

FarmTrace co-founder and CEO Jacques du Plessis said, “We started FarmTrace in 2015, and we’ve grown exponentially by working closely with our customers to meet their needs. 

We have a long list of interested farms, so we chose to raise money to speed up our growth and meet the needs of more farmers by hiring more software developers, engineers, project managers, and implementation consultants.

Werner Lategan, co-founder and chief operating officer (COO) of FarmTrace, said that the investment would help the company bring about the next wave of cost cuts, yield increases, and efficiency improvements in farming. The company wants to help more farms grow in a profitable and good way for the environment.

As modern farming changes quickly, farm managers need more up-to-date information about farms. Thanks to FarmTrace, South African farmers can now use the newest technologies to keep up with changes in demand, best practices, and rules.




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