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“Calling All Social Entrepreneurs: Apply Now for the D-Prize Challenge 2023 and Win $20,000!”


Can you start a new company or NGO that uses a proven way to help people out of poverty on a big scale? Send in your idea for a new group to help solve one of the Distribution Challenges.

The world has already developed products and services to help end poverty. Still, they found that many proven treatments had big holes in their delivery.

Millions of people still can’t get the simple tools they need to fight poverty. The D-Prize helps incubate new businesses that propagate proven solutions to poverty.


The Challenges include self-injectable contraceptives, oxygen, patient identification, maternal health, voluntary medical male circumcision, reducing mother-to-child HIV transmission, and sugar daddy knowledge are all concerns.


Teaching at the Appropriate Level: Can you teach primary school pupils fundamental reading and math skills in a classroom with few resources?


Some of the problems here are getting good feed, getting help after the harvest, Making your farming challenge, or coming up with your livestock task.


This entails graduating from poverty and considering building your financial inclusion challenge.


Solar lamp challenge: Can you sell pico solar lamps to people who don’t have regular access to power, like people who live in rural areas or slums?

Services provided by the government

This covers the challenge of government transparency and road safety:

Benefits of participation

  • They will give up to USD 20,000 to the best teams to start their new organization in places with extreme poverty.
  • They will only think about giving money to existing organizations if you are spreading an established intervention and need a lot of money, you can’t get from your present donors or income.
  • Existing organizations wishing to compete for the D-Prize must have been in operation for no more than 18 months and have received no more than $30,000 in outside funding.
  • They say they’re sorry, but right now, they can only look at applications written in English. But you don’t have to be fluent in English to apply, and mistakes in language and vocabulary won’t get you in trouble. They only want to understand what you mean.
  • You should want to be a great business owner and be able to see yourself in that role. You are ready to start your new business, and if the test goes well, you are eager to grow it into an organization that will change the world.
  • You should have a clear plan for becoming a full-time founder if you are still in school or have other responsibilities.
  • D-Prize is only interested in projects that will spread a proven way to help poor people in developing countries on a larger scale. They don’t pay for the first versions of new treatments that might be helpful.

The Evaluation Procedure

  • Round 1: Send in both your idea note and your resume(s). Each challenge gets more than 2,000 entries.
  • Round 2: The top 5% of businesses are given short-written questions to answer. You will have two weeks to write your plan and send it in.
  • In the last round, the best business owners are asked by phone and email. The top 1% will get seed money of up to $20,000.
  • Launch: Over the next three months, you will use your talent to launch a venture that can expand and assist millions of people.

The application deadline is Sunday, May 14, 2023.


Click here to enroll. 




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