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South African career management platform Job Crystal raises $0.25m

Job Crystal

Cape Town-based digital recruitment company Job Crystal raised over $0.25 million investment funding from Enygma Venture’s Shift Fund. The Enygma Ventures Shift Fund supports businesses across with funding and support to scale their operations.

Job Crystal MD and co-founder Sasha Knott was excited over the new development. Her statement read, “we’re thrilled to receive this investment from Enygma Ventures which will help us to improve our tech development and expand our footprint across the country and region.”

Job Crystal is a recruitment platform that allows employers to hire job seekers that meet their criteria. It was founded in 2019 by Kevin Laithwaite and Karl Westvig before it changed ownership to Sasha Knott and Kelly Louw.

The platform acts like a human resource manager connecting SMEs to qualified employees across South Africa. Job Crystal also vets candidates to point out the best fit for prospective employees.

The company currently caters to 3000 corporate businesses and over 240,000 candidates of which 900 job specifications are listed on-site. Most SMEs across South Africa use the Job Crystal online gateway to discover talent across multiple industries. Users can check the job salary ranges from a survey feature, while clients can advertise open vacancies.

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