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Gozem launches new Super App for francophone Africa

Gozem super App

The much-hyped Gozem Super App is out. Rather than opening the app to find a ride-hailing app, users can pick their desired service from a raft of options. The app combines all Gozem services – delivery, e-commerce, ride-hailing, wallets, and a simple app interface. The app is now available in seven cities from which it operates. However, the services on offer defer according to the city.

“As we launched various new services and verticals over the last year, we heard from our users that if we were able to offer a holistic experience in our app, we’d offer real value by reducing friction and enhancing convenience,” Emeka Ajene Gozem co-founder.

Gozem customers use wallets that can be recharged using local telecommunication offline options, thus simplifying payments. The new Super App is a great platform for merchants to grow their businesses by increasing their customer base and logistical capability. Partner merchants can access Gozem’s user base using a trusted network of Gozem Champions for last-mile deliveries.

More users are already adopting more service offerings, partner merchants are seeing an increase in business, and Gozem Champions are seeing increased earnings per hour,” added Mr. Ajene.

We previously mentioned how Gozem expanded into Togo and Benin.


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