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Susu: How a Beninese Startup is Using Technology to Improve Healthcare in Africa


Susu is a Beninese startup helping Africans in the diaspora make informed financial healthcare commitments for their loved ones on the continent. The company provides a combination of healthcare packages and insurance that Africans can finance abroad.

Accessing health insurance in Africa can be challenging due to financial constraints. However, financial support from the diaspora can help bridge the accessibility gap for medical services. Susu’s platform makes it easy for Africans abroad to allocate healthcare funds more effectively for their loved ones on the continent.

The company’s CEO and co-founder, Bola Bardet, says that Susu is “creating a dynamic healthcare solution, using technology to better channel the medical financial aids sent by Africans in the diaspora to their family members at home.”

Susu’s platform enables easy tracking and management of healthcare funds from abroad. Users can create accounts for specific families or conditions, ensuring money is allocated properly. This transparency helps ensure funds are used as intended for maximum impact.

Additionally, Susu partners with hospitals, clinics and pharmacies across Africa. This extensive network gives users access to a wide range of services – doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription drugs and more. It provides options for quality care regardless of location.

Susu also facilitates pooling diaspora resources to purchase affordable packages. Various packages can be tailored to individual budgets and needs. By aggregating funds into shared plans, Susu makes care more accessible and affordable for all users.

Susu currently operates in three francophone African countries: Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, and Gabon. The company is a finalist in the Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) Semi-Finals in Kigali, Rwanda. Winning the ABH competition would give Susu the exposure and funding it needs to expand its impact.

Overall, Susu is breaking ground in enabling diaspora Africans to impact healthcare access and affordability. Their innovative platform helps address systemic challenges like high costs and limited facilities.

By leveraging technology to channel diaspora capabilities, Susu is advancing healthcare equity across the continent. The startup is making quality medical care achievable for more Africans in need.



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