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TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield Highlights 7 Nigerian Startups


Seven Nigerian startups are set to compete against 193 other startups for the coveted 100K equity-free prize in the Startup Battlefield competition. These Nigerian startups have earned their place in this year’s TechCrunch Startup Battlefield pitch competition, highlighting the finest 200 early-stage startups globally, spanning diverse industries, all vying for the esteemed 100K equity-free award.

Sixteen African startups earned their spots in this year’s competition, with Nigeria leading the representation with seven entries. South Africa contributed three startups, while Kenya and Uganda each presented two startups. Additionally, Tanzania and Ghana were each represented by one startup. The chosen startups will undergo pitch training from TechCrunch journalists and venture capitalists, followed by presentations to investors at the conference over three days.

Here’s the list of selected Nigerian startups for this year’s TechCrunch Startup Battlefield competition:

Famasi Africa

Famasi Africa functions as a pharmacy platform linking individuals and businesses to pharmacies. Users can seamlessly place orders, monitor progress, and request medication refills through a dashboard. The platform offers a dedicated support channel, providing insights on proper medication usage and advantages. In an interview with TechCabal, Adeola Ayoola, co-founder of Famasi Africa, emphasized that the platform doesn’t prescribe medications. Instead, they collaborate with prescriptions or providers, focusing on delivering convenience, accessibility, and personalized assistance to their customers.

2. Akowe

Akowe presents an all-encompassing answer to the digital issuance and authentication of academic credentials through blockchain technology. Established by Ayodeji Agboola in 2020, Akowe supports educators and online training platforms, enabling them to generate certificates in large quantities efficiently. Simultaneously, the platform permits students to validate their credentials after uploading them while also aiding employers in confirming the qualifications of potential hires. Accessible via a web application, Akowe provides these services, and additionally, a mobile app caters to students for certificate uploading and verification.

3. Bus54

Bus54 is a mobility technology firm, offering a platform for consolidating intercity bus travel across Africa. This platform empowers passengers to explore, compare, reserve, and oversee their trips through an online interface. Moreover, the technology allows transport operators to seamlessly manage their entire operations via a secure portal, thereby eliminating the necessity for extra investments in IT software or hardware. Furthermore, it furnishes an additional avenue for ticket sales for these operators.

The exposure garnered from the event has the potential to draw the attention of potential investors actively seeking promising startups within the mobility and transportation domain. Even if Bus54 doesn’t secure the top prize, the heightened visibility could pave the way for valuable investment prospects,” affirmed Joseph Lumbahe, CEO of Bus54.

4 Flowmono

Flowmono operates as a SaaS platform, offering a range of APIs and tools designed to facilitate electronic signing, storage, and sharing of documents, alongside the digitization of various processes. Its versatile applications encompass purchase requests, loan approvals, expense reports, contracts, and more. By leveraging Flowmono, businesses can enhance their efficiency, preserve data, reduce costs, optimize time, and contribute to environmental preservation by minimizing paper waste.

5 ForisLabs

Established by John Onuigbo in 2020, Foris Labs emerged as an ed-tech startup pioneering a novel approach. It empowers students to convert any space into a dynamic science laboratory, thanks to its gamified 3D virtual science laboratory. This innovative platform delivers an authentic simulation of hands-on science experiments, offering users a genuinely immersive learning experience.

6. Genesis360

Leveraging financial technology, Genesis360 aims to democratize consumer credit access for food. Their innovative solution empowers food retail establishments to extend cost-effective payment alternatives to customers, including the option to repay in installments.

Speaking on the selection, Mayowa Akinmade, CEO of Genesis360, remarked, “Securing a spot in TechCrunch Battlefield 200 underscores the significance of our solution. It validates our dedicated efforts in tackling food insecurity and driving financial inclusion across African cities, step by step. The TechCrunch platform provides an avenue to showcase our technology, connect with industry experts for global insights, foster collaboration, and receive valuable feedback.”

7. Alusoft Technologies Ltd

Alusoft functions as an ed-tech platform, employing its diverse range of products to unlock boundless potential for educators, parents, and students. Their product, EduPorch, is a comprehensive educational information processing and management tool that streamlines daily school activities and facilitates seamless interactions among key stakeholders within educational institutions.

“Being chosen for this is much more than an accolade – it’s a gateway to expanded recognition, growth, and triumph in the tech domain. We’re excited to seize this opportunity and make a lasting impact,” shared Onaopemipo Adewumi, CEO of Alusoft, in a conversation with TechCabal. “This acknowledgment empowers us to exhibit our global innovation and connect with industry leaders, pioneers, investors, and collaborators. It facilitates the forging of connections for potential partnerships and growth while also leveraging validation and credibility to elevate our vision.”

These selected African startups for this year’s edition now have the privilege to join a distinguished roster of companies such as Dropbox, Trello, Yammer, Tripit, and Redbeacon, all of whom have previously emerged from this esteemed competition.




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