TECNO and itel Announce Innovative Technology Plans for 2024


Entering a new year is like stepping into a world of endless possibilities, and for tech enthusiasts, TECNO and itel are poised to make 2024 an exhilarating journey.

After a successful 2023 in South Africa, which saw the launch of the SPARK 10 Series, both brands are gearing up for another thrilling year. TECNO, in particular, has a major launch scheduled for the second quarter.

Already making waves, TECNO is proudly sponsoring this year’s African Cup of Nations tournament in Côte d’Ivoire, demonstrating its commitment to celebrating African soccer excellence. As both TECNO and itel look ahead to the year, they are exploring partnerships and collaborations that resonate with the passions of South Africans.

Remaining true to their mission of offering affordable, reliable, and value-for-money devices, both brands are dedicated to meeting the needs and desires of their fans. From Valentine’s Day to Christmas and New Year, TECNO and itel plan to infuse their unique touch into South Africa’s social calendar.

For those who relish the excitement of winning prizes, TECNO and itel are here to delight. Expanding on the opportunities of 2023, both brands will continue hosting competitions on their social media pages throughout 2024.

Prepare for a year brimming with innovation, celebration, and fantastic opportunities with TECNO and itel!




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