Title Funding For the 2018 DHL Conference & Exhibition (Confex) Already Secured


2018 DHL Conference & Exhibition (Confex), which will be hosted in Cape Town International Convention Center in March 2018 has secured a firm that will fund its title. E-Commerce MoneyAfrica was announced as the title funder by the DHL Express for Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The partnership between the two countries resulted from bigger teamwork in their objective according to Steve Burd, Vice President of Sales for DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa.

DHL Express is the leading company in the sales of the vehicle tires in Africa, and that has offered then abroad experience on the impact of e-Commerce on the African market. The e-Commerce development continues to open the main growth opportunities in Africa. Previously the international trade was not taken seriously by startups and SMEs because of some complications. However, the right partner tends to make an international trade stress-free. The world technological connection has leveled the ground for both the big and small business doing away with excuses.

The DHL e-Commerce MoneyAfrica Confex has placed itself amongst the biggest African’s opportunities to bring both the e-Commerce and fintech stakeholders on the same reading script. The 2018 event will involve presentation and knowledge sharing from some African and international leaders, aimed at assisting participants to find innovative ways to open some opportunities in the continent. Those to attend will also include delegates from the continent’s known tech, legal firms, banking, and retail.

Mobile subscription in Sub-Saharan Africa has gone up to 772 million in 2016 from 174 million in 2007. The number reflects the 344% growth in a span of ten years and that is more than three times compared to the rest of the world.


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