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Top Rising Ghanaian Startups In 2021

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TechInAfrica – We’re now zooming in on Ghana, owning the title of 8th largest economy in Africa right now, with its GDP of $73bn and a yearly growth rate of 6.5%.

This is a country with its startup ecosystem bombarded with government support programs, plenty of hubs and accelerators, and an excellent technology climate, such as its high mobile penetration (130% in 15 million internet users) and the rise of technology-based learning institutions; Ashesi University, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Ghana is the pool of exciting opportunities for startups, demonstrated in the Ghana Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2020, picking three emerging cities (Cape Coast, Ho, and Wa) in the country as a hotspot for startup activities.

But of course, these startup ecosystems are nothing without the players themselves. Without further ado, these are the 5 emerging Ghanaian startups in 2021:


Appruve is the leading financial API startup in the country, having been the winner of the Hague Institute of Innovation of Law Innovating Justice Challenge West Africa region in 2019, and has been looking forward to entering the US market with a $5m seed round last year.

The company role is that of a bridge that connects companies and the users they want to verify for compliance and legitimacy. It offers a range of tools related to identity, agency, and business-suited to e-KYC verification.

Heny app

Heny is a passionate product of tech and food lovers in one app, in which people can order from their favorite restaurants and get it delivered to their doorsteps.

Behind the essential app are four co-founders, one COO, and one social media manager that runs the platform with a zest.

Food merchants can start a partnership with the startup, and customers can pick from their list of merchants to place their orders.

No need to pick your takeaway physically, Heny simply gets it done for you.


DreamOval is popularly known thanks to its payment platform app, Slydepay, which is tailored for individuals, merchants, and developers. Yes, developers too, due to its on-demand API.

It has the cheapest rate in the market with just 0,8% compared to its competitors like Telcos and others.

Trotro Tractor

Founded in 2016, Trotro Tractor is a startup based in Accra breaking the barriers of complex access to agriculture productivity and the equipment needed: tractors.

Farmers can connect with tractor services registered with the company to book their services.

It has reached more than 10,000 farmers and 300 tractors.


Looking for a person or buildings can be puzzling at times. This is where SnooCODE comes with its 6-7 digit codes who provide 200 times more accuracy compared to US or UK zip codes.

Being an old player in the market, founded in 2011, the startup has gotten much recognition and accolades from big brands, such as Coca Cola (Finalist of their The Next Big 6 in 2017), winner of British Council Study UK Alumni Awards Entrepreneurial Award, winner of AFD Digital Challenge in 2019.


Although some of the startups above are not exactly new, they held still to their newer counterpart with consistent performance. Overall, the startup climate in Ghana is looking promising than before.


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