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Inlaks, Winner of Banking Technology Solutions Provider 2019


TechInAfrica – Inlaks, a Nigeria based company that serves as one of the foremost ICT and infrastructure solutions provider—with an impressive customer base that includes the apex bank and 18 of the 24 banks in Nigeria and in the West African region, crowned and renowned as the winner of this year’s Banking Technology Solutions Provider of the Year award. This honor was bestowed upon the corporation during the annual Ghana Information Technology and Telecoms Awards (GITTA) in Accra (you can visit their official web page by clicking here).

Femi Muraino, Executive Director of Inlaks, received the award and admitted that Inlaks’ initial goal is to provide world-class banking solutions not only designed for Nigeria, but to all banking industries ranging across Sub-Saharan Africa in general. He also spoke that the true focus of the company is to ensure that the society gets better and the labor market gets the value at the end of the day—towards offering a more sustainable platform for every aspect on the matter. According to Muraino, individuals of the digital age must continue to hone their skills regardless of what their professions are. Insights of the current trends, as well as the ability to be open-minded towards potential changes could also serve as a structural pillar for one’s growth—be it regarded as personally or as a whole company.

Additionally, Femi Muraino had also confessed that technology is at its pinnacle of unprecedented growth, so a lot of innovations and breakthroughs are being researched every day—to serve as a supporting role in building a better, more sustainable society via every element.

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Inlaks, initially founded in 1982 and employs over 400 tech-savvy individuals, partners with the leading OEMs in the technology industry to provide world class IT and Infrastructure Solutions that exceed the needs of customers. They, in return, boast a customer base that includes 5 apex banks and prominent financial institutions in six West African countries. Cited on their website, Inlaks primarily aims to build their expertise and reputation to become the supplier of first choice and a one stop solution hub to their respective target markets—all while focusing efforts on specific industries in particular regions. Furthermore, Inlaks is also constantly upgrading and developing solutions based upon a thorough knowledge of the industries, economies and client’s businesses to facilitate the ever-growing demand of the customer base.

Along with Muraino, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia—Ghana’s Vice President—attended this year’s Ghana Information Technology and Telecoms Awards. Dr. Bawumia was also awarded as the reputable Digital Leader of the Year 2019. Dr. Bawumia emphasized that the collaborative actions in the private sector has done a significant deal of contribution in order to meet the evolving developmental needs of the country. For the past two years or so, Dr. Bawumia spoke that a number of digitalization processes went underway and, in return, served as a cost-effective alternative.

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This year’s Ghana Information Technology and Telecoms Awards was held in Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra, on June 28th—started from 5 PM in the afternoon. Along with innovative tech companies that brought novelty to the table, GITTA also introduced a live performance of Calabash, a Ghanaian Leading Band as their special guest performer. With  over eight years of bringing the industry together, this year’s edition had also gathered great minds across the sector to unite and celebrate the success and individual achievement of ICT professionals and organizations.

Ernest Brown, Executive Director of Zipnet, commended GITTA as one of the most credible industry awards that has brought about a healthy competition among professionals in the IT industry, while recognizing the efforts and innovative campaigns driven by IT professionals.

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