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IXPN Nigeria Expands its Network Capabilities Towards 25GE and 40GE Ports


TechInAfrica – In today’s growing industry of communication and information technology, connectivity—particularly internet connectivity—is the lifeblood of this society. It’s more than a critical contributing factor in impacting towards the growth of a nation. The Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN), recently addresses this problem by expanding through their newly augmented 25GE and 40GE ports for the entire network of Lagos.

An Internet Exchange Point (IXP) itself is defined as a real-life location in which Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content Distribution Networks (CDNs), or any other internet infrastructure companies can connect with each other. As such, this also highlights why internet connectivity and up/down speed matters most in these locations.

The Chief Executive Officer of IXPN, Muhammed Rudman, who disclosed this in Lagos, said the upgrade of the switches will help the company address current and anticipated needs of its members. Rudman, in addition, also commented that this notion is also driven by the need to fulfill the demands within the global trends, as well as meeting with citizens’ expectations towards IXPN. “This would allow us to offer 25Gbps and 40Gbps (Gigabits per second) ports to our existing and potential members.”

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Prior to this upgrade, the company can only provide a maximum of 10Gbps. Aside from an increase in network capacity, the IXPN also sees an increase in members. Adding seven new companies to the circle, IXPN now boasts a total of 66 members with direct access to multiple Internet networks with a single connection.

To further bolster this upgrade and advancements, the IXPN is also planning to launch its very own training facility open for both private and public trainees. This facility is designed with hopes to make up the demands and the skill requirements expected to boost inclusivity in this modern era. The facility, located at the IXPN’s corporate office in Lagos, will be used for training members on topical issues affecting their services, with facilitators regularly drawn from local and international organizations.



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