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True Tesla Technologies Mauritius to pilot world’s first cascading hydro power plant

True Tesla Technologies

True Tesla Technologies Mauritius (TTT) has signed a partnership deal with CEB to install a hydro-power plant. Tesla’s technological innovation comes in to supply renewable energy in Mauritius.

True Tesla Technologies is one of the firms that are on the frontline to deal with climate change ensuring environmental sustainability as well as economic recovery in African countries.

The Central Electricity Board (CEB), Mauritius Renewable Energy Agency (MARENA) together with Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC) were looking at innovators whose focus is to offer renewable energy solutions.

Among other innovators, TTT got the nod to develop the first pilot cascading Hydro Plant producing 100kW to the national grid in Mauritius.

The firm showcased its innovative idea in a presentation held in Moscow, of Tesla’s Hydro Power Plant, winning the trust of Mauritius which has been using fossil fuel.

Transforming societies

The two partners are dedicated to transforming Mauritius with renewable energy as they strengthen the bond between Russia, Mauritius, and Africa as a whole.

Alongside Tesla, other partners have come on board to offer their contribution to this noble innovation. The University of Mauritius is one of the contributing partners offering its research skills and the determination towards innovative projects that centre on renewable energy.

In the deployment of the pilot project, TTT will get the support of Lumitech Ltee to develop the required hardware.

The project is aimed to incorporate local manufacturers with a goal to have more innovations and local solutions to local problems in Mauritius and  Africa.


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