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Twitter CEO to Visit Several African Countries in November, Indicating Meetings with Entrepreneurs


TechInAfrica – American internet entrepreneur and CEO of Twitter, Jack Patrick Dorsey is planning to visit several African countries, including South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Ethiopia in November this year. Dorsey said that he will be spending most of his time meeting with African entrepreneurs, including Betelhem Dessie, a young Ethiopian entrepreneur and the Founder of iCog – Anyone Can Code.

Besides co-founding the giant tech social media platform, Dorsey also co-founded a company, Square, together with Jim McKelvey. The fintech platform aims at making commerce simpler though technology.

Jack Patrick Dorsey, CEO of Twitter
Jack Patrick Dorsey, CEO of Twitter via

His visit to Africa is speculated to introduce the Square platform as it hasn’t yet been launched on the continent. Africa is an emerging market with high potential for fintech services as they are playing a vital role in creating financial inclusion.

The financial technology sector in Africa shows continual growth with the increasing number of mobile penetration, thus, creating mobile financial services and payment technologies. The sector has been forecasted to grow at an annual rate of 24% with Sub-Saharan Africa as one of the fastest-growing fintech regions worldwide.

Fintech sector in Africa has attracted many investors around the world, including Dorsey. It indicates that the world is currently paying more attention to Africa’s fintech sector, shown by the growing amount of investments in the sector.



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