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Uber Money, Uber’s Latest Financial Division


TechInAfrica – Uber, an American multinational ridesharing and ride-hailing company, has been a large part of millennials’ everyday lives. From peer-to-peer ridesharing to food delivery. It seems that there’s so few people who haven’t got the chance to enjoy the company’s service nowadays, as its consumer base is growing rapidly within a global scale. Now, on their fresh step towards tackling an expansion into financial services, Uber launched Uber Money. The Uber Money platform includes features like credit cards for riders and debit cards for drivers and in-app wallets.

“Now, drivers and other freelance workers like Uber Eats couriers will have real-time access to their earnings after every trip through the Uber Debit account. This mobile bank account will mean that Uber’s 4-million-plus drivers and couriers can get their money instantly after every trip or delivery,” written Andrew J. Hawkins on their report for The Verge. Furthermore, they added. “Drivers in the US (and other countries soon after) can sign up for a no-fee debit card that is linked to an account provided by Green Dot, a financial technology and bank holding company headquartered in Pasadena, California.”

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Welcomed in the coming weeks, the digital wallet allows the drivers to easily track their earning and spending history, manage and move their money, and discover new Uber financial products all in one place.

This notion, however, met with various criticisms among the company’s concerned elements. A recent UCLA study highlighted that many drivers are working extra hours for longer durations while struggling to make their ends meet. Certainly, the company hopes that with the launch of Uber Money, such problems can be addressed.



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