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A Ugandan Entrepreneur Turns Bamboo Into the Frame of a Bicycle


TechInAfrica – The Ugandan Entrepreneur, Noordin Kasoma takes advantage of bamboo and transform it into the frame of a strong, light, and durable bicycle. Moreover, Kasoma also ensures the bicycles he makes are comfortable to ride on.

According to Kasoma, due to its flexibility, bamboo is able to absorb the shocks when riding it, particularly off-road. Its flexibility is even better than steel and aluminum. In the cycling world, bamboo frames are well-known enough, but in the hands of Kasoma, it becomes unique and special. He uses a traditional clothing material—bark cloth—as the joints. The clothing material is harvested from the Mutuba tree, the inner part of it.

An Ugandan Entrepreneur Turns Bamboo Into the Frame of a Bicycle
A Ugandan Entrepreneur Turns Bamboo Into the Frame of a Bicycle via

Before it can be used, the bark cloth is dipped in resin and enwrapped around the joints, then sanded down into the shiny finish look. However, before it’s sanded down, it needs to be dried first.

Kasoma knows how to make bicycles from a training class with an American bike frame designer and manufacturer, Craig Calfee. Additionally, he also learns the tutorials through the internet. At the training lass, he learned to make mountain bikes, city bikes, travel bikes, road bikes, and the racing bikes.

His brand Boogaali derives from ‘’bamboo’’ and ‘’gaali’’. In Lugandan language, gaali means bicycle. So, boogaali means, bamboo bikes. His bicycle priced at around $350 – $450 each and has hit popularity. Consequently, Kasoma plans to expand his factory and grow his markets.

A cyclist, Amos Nuwagaba, commented on Kasoma’s bamboo bikes, Boogali. He said that it’s a cheaper alternative to reduce carbon.

“I think it’s even a cheaper option because if you went through importing a carbon frame, the taxes and the like, you certainly may buy two of these,” Nuwagaba said.

Visit to know more about Boogaali bikes and its products.


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