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Your Unused Devices Can be Donated to Tech Relief


TechInAfrica – If you’re a veteran tech savvy, or at least a long-time enthusiast of the newest gadgets and smartphones, chances are those outdated gadgets of yours would be still lying around collecting dust (on the shelves) as you read this—that is if you haven’t sold them just yet. The people of Tech Relief see this abundance of electronic equipment as an opportunity to build a more sustainable education sector. With this program, you can donate those old and unused devices for the purpose of technological learning—especially those who are living in poverty and cannot afford proper facilitation of such luxury.

Children acquainting themselves with technology via

A collaboration between Black Beard—a South African startup—and GirlCode, Tech Relief is designed to mainly address the lack of particular technological knowledge which primarily revolves around underprivileged society. Albeit being outdated, these devices can serve as a learning medium for the referred people and ultimately will contribute into their practical studies.

Sponsors—that’s the term for device donators—can donate everything as long as it’s feasible for the children’s learning experience. Ranging from iPads, notebooks, cellular devices, to even desktops are eligible for donation. On top of that, sponsors will also be able to track where their devices went after, to whom the devices were given, and eventually track the recipient’s education progress in order to know how big an impact one has made by donating their unused electronics.

Children acquainting themselves with technology via

Tech Relief doesn’t make the donation mechanism as complicated as people may expect it to be. Potential sponsors must first sign up and add their details prior to giving the devices. The team of the charity organization then receives each and every package that sponsors has given them on their own consent, before eventually repackaging and redistributing them to various schools and educational institutions in need.

You can learn more about Tech Relief by visiting their website, as well as their team composition and donation platform.



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