UXLINK Secures $9M+ in Investment, Backed by Prominent Entities OKX Ventures and UOB Ventures


UXLINK, a rapidly growing Web3 social platform and infrastructure, has recently concluded a new funding round, securing over $9 million in total investments. Notable investors in this round include OKX Ventures, Web3Port Foundation, Manifold, UOB Venture, Comma3 Ventures, Cypher Capital, Kucoin Ventures, Gate Labs, Forgame (0484.HK), ECV, Signum Capital, 7UPDAO, as well as prominent industry leaders.

Additionally, Singapore Corporate Information has reported that HongShan Capital, GGV Capital, MatrixPort Ventures, and ZhenFund are also backers of UXLINK. The platform’s support extends beyond crypto and exchange investors from North America, Asia, and the Middle East, encompassing strategic investors, including publicly listed companies. According to its community, there are plans for UXLINK to pursue another funding round before the Token Generation Event (TGE). As a social ecosystem, UXLINK stands out as a leading solution for aggregating Web3 gateway, social DEX, and infrastructure to drive mass adoption.

UXLINK is a groundbreaking social infrastructure project that sets itself apart from others by focusing on fostering bi-directional, acquaintance-based social relationships. This approach is akin to the distinction between Twitter and Facebook. The platform comprises two key layers: the application layer, which encompasses the Social DEX module and the UX Growth (Link to Earn) module, and the infrastructure layer, which incorporates unique data integration and the RWS social protocols. Additionally, there are plans to introduce the innovative Social Liquidity Chain, leveraging OP Stack L2 and EigenDA technologies to better support developers and third-party Dapps.

UXLINK has garnered widespread attention from both the market and investors due to its groundbreaking product innovation and rapid growth. Since its launch in April 2023, the platform has attracted over 3.5 million verified users within just 10 months, facilitating the formation of over 75,000 decentralized groups and reaching a user base of more than 6 million. The majority of its users are situated in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South Asia, and Africa.

During the Web1.0 and Web2.0 era, products like Facebook and WeChat leveraged social relationships to drive mass adoption and benefit billions of users. UXLINK is a groundbreaking innovation and project in the Web3.0 landscape, promising similar impact and potential for widespread user adoption.




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