Verto Pay Revolutionizes Financial Management for Nigerian SMEs

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Verto Pay is transforming international payments for small and medium-sized enterprises by integrating a multi-currency wallet with options for USD, GBP, EUR, and NGN. This allows business owners to easily navigate the global market, eliminating the complexities of wire transfers and delays. With instant virtual card access, real-time transaction tracking, and increased spending limits, Verto Pay ensures seamless business operations.

Ola Oyetayo, CEO and co-founder of Verto, stresses the importance of Verto Pay in empowering Nigerian SMEs. He states, “Verto recognizes the pressing need for SMEs in Nigeria to transact globally without limitations. With Verto Pay, we are providing a smooth and integrated financial solution tailored to the requirements of forward-thinking businesses. This virtual debit card for businesses goes beyond financial management; it aims to offer business owners the flexibility to thrive in the global marketplace, overcoming challenges such as late payments and low transaction limits imposed by banks.

In a rapidly evolving digital payment landscape in Nigeria, Verto Pay is revolutionizing the game. By increasing transaction volume limits, Verto Pay is eliminating growth barriers, easing cash flow constraints, and reducing administrative burdens for SMEs. Additionally, its extensive acceptance network in key importing countries streamlines cross-border transactions, making it a crucial player in the market’s growth.

Verto Pay is more than just a debit card; it serves as a vital support for Nigerian SMEs, simplifying a range of financial tasks, from paying suppliers to managing travel expenses. With SMEs accounting for 48% of Nigeria’s GDP and comprising 96% of businesses, the launch of Verto Pay comes at a crucial time, providing essential support to the backbone of Nigeria’s economy.



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