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Villgro Kenya invests $50,000 in Pathology Network

The Pathology Network will ensure faster diagnosis and thus early treatment of cancer-related disease.

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Villgro Kenya has announced its investment in Pathology Network, a Kenya-based pathologists’ digital referral platform.

The Pathology Network which received $50,000 funding uses Artificial Intelligence to help in the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer and cancer-related infections.

In a year Kenya reports over 30,000 deaths out of cancer and about 46000 new cancer cases recorded. The main challenge affecting cancer patients is a lack of adequate testing centers as well as pathologists.

Inadequate facilities have caused more deaths that could be prevented if an early diagnosis was possible. The Pathology Network will ensure faster diagnosis and thus early treatment of cancer-related disease.

Specialized labs and the available experts will work with small-sized laboratories in handling test referral cases. Small labs will take specimens from patients and send them to specialized labs using the Pathology Network Platform for processing and slide digitization.

Upon examining the specimen, a pathologist will then give a diagnosis and send a report of the same remotely.

Villgro Kenya and The Pathology Network partnership is a great boost to the diagnostic platform. Other than the funding, the platform also taps from Villgro Kenya’s technical team as well as business coaching.

During the COVID-19 pandemic majority of startups are experiencing a lot of challenges due to the hard economic times. Villgro Kenya has opted to support startups like Pathology Network to help them remain in action and stable.

The health sectors and more so, cancer diagnosis and treatment is going to experience a turn-around from Villgro Kenya’s investment. The Pathology Network is dedicated to better cancer testing and treatment even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


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