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Wema Bank Starts Bootcamp, Nurturing Fintech Startups


TechInAfrica – Fintech startups serve a greater purpose than people’s general perceptions. Aside from offering the availability to make seamless and cashless payments in paying bills, topping up cellular data, or making transactions at various supported vendors, fintech startups are also one of the key elements in today’s modern economic society.  It is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance, whilst making financial services more accessible to the general public.

Wema Bank, a Nigerian commercial bank, aims to host its own Bootcamp to nurture future and existing fintech startups—eventually optimizing their delivery in delivering technology-based services to its potential customers.

Wema Bank offices via

Set on a ten-week intensive acceleration program, the Hackaholics Bootcamp was designed to further incubate startups with amazing potential (participants of the Wema Bank Hackathon). With the ultimate goal being the feasibility to develop their respective ideas into market-ready delivery methods and services, Wema Bank’s Bootcamp will also train subjects regarding product design and user research—all facilitated by experts.

The bootcamp started early on Monday, September 16th last week at Wema Bank Codeville, Ilupeju, Lagos. Samuel Omotayo, Wema Bank’s Head of Innovation professed that the way to achieve growth in today’s society is to collaborate not only within your organization internally, but also to compete and work together alongside other external firms and classes. Furthermore, Omotayo also commented:

Our goal is to equip and support startups to bring their ideas to life and ultimately, to have market-ready viable products by the end of the Bootcamp.

Also to improve overall customer experience, the Bootcamp aims to partner with tech companies to provide leverage in tackling the digital era’s financial issues. It’s highly likely that the impact of this Bootcamp will not only roam in Nigeria, but in Africa as a continent.



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