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WeThinkCode_ Matches Developers With SMEs In Its Placement Program

credit: WeThinkCode_

TechInAfrica – Currently, WeThinkCode_ is searching for SMEs to be a part of its SME Placement Program, whereby its engineers will stay at SMEs as a component of an internship.

As you may know, WeThinkCode_ prepares up to 300 programming engineers every year, and the SME Placement Program creates from those designers. 

As a component of the preparation, students should finish two occurrences of work placement, and that is the place where the program exists. 

SMEs can join the program and utilize an intern with the benefit of having the principal alternative to use the designer once their investigations complete.

WeThinkCode_ says its interns will be able to add value to in-house development teams in the following areas:

  • Working with the existing software development teams to enhance and extend existing custom software, particularly if you have Python or Java codebases;
  • Extend or write tests for your codebase;
  • Write documentation;
  • Investigate and experiment with new tools and technologies that the existing team may not have the capacity to do.

Usually, the above is only an illustration of a portion of the capacities of the designers. 

The internship placement will occur between March and May 2021 as well as between February and May 2022.

There are, in any case, specifications for SMEs hoping to enlist a WeThinkCode_ engineer.

To be part of this program, Small and Medium Enterprise must be an official company with 250 employees or less than that, with an inversion of less than R85 million per year. Interns also need to pay the intern a stipend of R7 000 per month.

Chief executive officer at WeThinkCode_, Nyari Samushong, said in a statement that the company is looking for top talent regardless of their previous background. The course is free for students, no prior coding experience is required, and a Matrix is optional. 



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