Wonderbag Founders Shine at the World Economic Forum


The founder of Wonderbag, Sarah Collins was the winner of “Woman of the Decade in Entrepreneurship” category at the World Economic Forum that took place in New Delhi India. Collins did not receive the award in person since she did not make it to the awards. She was happy that the award came at the time when she was celebrating the product’s 10th birthday.

Wonderbag is non-electric heat-retention cooker that is both time-saving and affordable. According to Collins, the product has gone through a number of changes since the launch in 2008. The product was initially insulated by polystyrene but the material was bulky and expensive at the same time. The cooker is now using foam as it is insulation. The foam comes from dumping sites which is later on used to manufacture the product.

The cooker is currently stocked in 52 countries and is being used by 1.3 million people. A standard product goes at R290. Wonderbag’s manufacturing plant is currently situated in Tongaat, KwaZulu-Nata. After the manufacturing, the product is sold to South Africans. Some are exported to other countries like Australia and United States. Furthermore, the product has satellite manufacturing sites in Turkey, East Africa, and West Africa. Collins says that she has been searching for ways on how to empower grandmother and women staying in rural areas. She has accomplished that by coming up with Wonderbag. This is because she has succeeded in giving women a product that assists them.

She adds that the success of the product is a stepping stone to female entrepreneurs. The product has made 10,000 entrepreneurs to put up their own businesses such as selling the product or catering. Some of the proceeds generated from the sale of the product go to a foundation founded by Collins. People staying in rural areas can use the foundation to get Wonderbags at a subsidized rate.


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