Yango Delivery Debuts Cargo Express for Enhanced Large-Scale Shipping in Africa


Yango Delivery, a  tech firm offering a platform for making and receiving local delivery requests, has launched Cargo Express, a new service aimed at facilitating the transport of large and heavy items throughout Africa. This service addresses the vital need in the fast-expanding e-commerce market for dependable and effective transportation of large items, including furniture, gardening tools, and household appliances, proving to be an essential resource for SMBs in the area.

Cargo Express emerges as a solution to the prevailing challenges in the logistics sector, which is often plagued by inefficiencies and opaque pricing structures. What sets Cargo Express apart is its provision of a straightforward service with transparent, fixed pricing. This ensures that customers pay the price displayed at the time of booking, with no hidden fees. Upon placing an order, customers are continuously updated about each phase of the delivery process. The delivery status is communicated through push notifications, and the movement of the delivery item can be tracked on the Yango app’s map.

In response to a projected surge in logistics sector employment, as forecasted by the International Labour Organization (ILO), Yango Delivery is harnessing its sophisticated technological platform to enhance the capabilities of its delivery partners. This platform provides users with advanced tools designed to boost efficiency, potentially leading to higher earnings and contributing to the economic development of Africa.

Yango’s deployment of cutting-edge technology furnishes delivery partners with intelligent solutions for improved route planning and swift, reliable navigation, thereby maximizing time and resource efficiency. This initiative is part of Yango’s commitment to fostering sustainable economic growth within the modern logistics landscape in Africa.

Ireoluwa Obatoki, Yango Delivery’s Head of Business Development for Africa, remarked on the initiative: “Launching Cargo Express solidifies our dedication to revolutionizing urban delivery services through technological advancements, aiding logistics companies’ local partners and couriers by providing new avenues for increased revenue, and maintaining clear, transparent pricing in the African delivery market. With the growing trend of online shopping, there’s an evident demand for competent delivery services for bulky items. Cargo Express is designed to meet this need, offering a reliable and uncomplicated solution.”

Yango is enhancing its diverse service offerings by introducing Cargo Express, a new addition alongside its existing services, which include ride-hailing (Yango), motorbike-based light package delivery (Yango Delivery), and food delivery services (Yango Deli). Cargo Express enriches the Yango app’s Delivery section, presenting a selection of vehicles designed to carry large and heavy items. This service is rolling out in key cities such as Abidjan, Accra, and Lusaka, aiming to redefine the logistics of transporting bulky items across the continent. Additionally, customers will benefit from added features like assistance from movers and ten minutes of complimentary loading and unloading time, further enhancing the convenience of using this service.




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