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Zambia Tests Technology for Cryptocurrency Regulation: Minister Mutatin


Zambia’s finance minister, Felix Mutati, has revealed that the government is testing blockchain technology to regulate the country’s growing cryptocurrency industry. 

In this article, we’ll explore the details of the pilot program and its potential implications for Zambia’s crypto industry.

The Pilot Program

According to Mutati, the pilot program is being carried out in collaboration with a local blockchain start-up. 

The program aims to give the government greater visibility into the country’s cryptocurrency transactions, making enforcing AML and KYC regulations easier.

Potential Benefits

The use of blockchain technology for cryptocurrency regulation offers numerous benefits, including enhanced transparency, improved security, and increased efficiency. 

In addition, by providing regulators with real-time access to transaction data, the technology could help to prevent fraud and other illegal activities.

Zambia’s Cryptocurrency Industry

Zambia’s cryptocurrency industry has been growing rapidly in recent years, with an increasing number of individuals and businesses turning to digital currencies as an alternative to traditional banking. 

However, the lack of regulatory oversight has concerned investors and the government.

Implications for the Future

If successful, the pilot program could pave the way for greater regulatory oversight of Zambia’s cryptocurrency industry. 

This could lead to increased investor confidence, greater stability, and more opportunities for growth and innovation in the sector.


Zambia’s decision to test blockchain technology for cryptocurrency regulation demonstrates the government’s recognition of the importance of the crypto industry and its potential to contribute to the country’s economic growth. 

Furthermore, using this technology could address some of the industry’s challenges and pave the way for a more secure and regulated future.


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