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Zebra Technologies Uncover Its Second Annual “Intelligent Enterprise Index”


TechInAfrica – Zebra Technologies revealed its second annual “Intelligent Enterprise Index” only a few days ago. Basically, the Index shows a global survey of companies that are becoming an “intelligent enterprise”, linking physical and digital world through innovations with a real-time guidance, data-based environments as well as cooperative mobile workflows.

There is the number of companies determined as “intelligent enterprise” with over 75 points of the overall Index which doubled to 10% by 2018. The Index shows companies that meet with the criteria as the defined Intelligent Enterprise.  As the overall Index, Internet of Things (IoT) comes as the most growing technology for deployment and investment. The acknowledgment of IoT has been increasing throughout the years and a key aspect for the future growth of many companies.

IoT Technology
IoT Technology via

The Chief Technology Officer of Zebra Technologies, Tom Bianculli said, “As new technologies continue to transform the front line of business, real-time data-driven signals at the edge of operations are empowering front-line workers with the right information to optimize actions and outcomes,” he continued, “Based on our second annual Index, it’s clear that more companies acknowledge the value of leveraging IoT strategies, and they will continue to propel adoption and investment in the future.”

There are some key findings on the Index, including:

  • The Investment in IoT increases significantly while the resistance to adopt it decreases. The Index uncovers that amongst the surveyed companies, their annual spend on IoT increases at 4% while 86% of them expected the number to rise within 1-2 years.
  • Enterprises implement a real-time guidance. The Index shows there is 52% of respondents from global companies share near or real-time IoT solutions to employees. The current data shows 37% of increase compared to last year.
  • Most of the enterprises put security on top of their priority. Companies set their security standards up by monitoring their IoT solutions to secure their privacy and integrity. The Index reveals an 18% increase compared to last year.
  • Companies show their dependence on a solution-based environment. The Index reveals that 40% of the surveyed companies use a third party to handle their IoT solution. Compared to last year, it increases from 21%.

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