Zipline ramps up delivery of medical supplies in Rwanda, Ghana, and America


Zipline is the only drone company operating on a national stage across several countries. The California-based company combines cutting edge technology and expertise required to meet its large scale delivery demands.

Zipline runs several distribution centers placed in each region of service. The centers are part of the medical warehouse and also act as drone airports. Each center can facilitate hundreds of deliveries within a 22,500-kilometer squared radius.

The Zipline experience is client-centric both in design and user satisfaction. Where necessary, the company provides third-party logistics services. This covers holding the customer products at a warehouse so as to minimize the lead time before delivery. Zipline employs highly trained staff including licensed pharmacists to pick and pack those products.

In May last year, Zipline was valued at $1.2 billion, an incredible achievement from a startup that started out to solve a problem. Among the company’s lead investors are Temasek, Baillie Gifford,  A16Z, Sequoia, Katalyst Ventures, and GV.

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