Another African Startup Joins the MIT Solve Global Challenges

Publiseer, Nigeria,

Based in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MIT Solve Global Challenges is a business incubator that promotes solutions from tech entrepreneurs. It does that with the aim of addressing critical global challenges by linking innovators with resources. The resources are such as funding, technology, human capital, and expertise. Publiseer which is a digital content distribution platform has joined the MIT Solve Global Challenges. Publiseer started to address the issues of digital content monetization and distribution in Africa in August 2017.  It is doing the same up to date.

It has offered independent African writers and musicians from low-income communities a chance to generate income from their work. In the Q1 of 2018 Publiseer generated a profit worth more than $10,000 without any venture investment. In every year MIT Solve aims at finding potential teams around the globe. These are the teams that objective at successful sustainability, learning, health and economic prosperity. The platform then helps the organizations to link with a global community of public, private and leaders who are nonprofit to have a partnership.

In 2017 around 1,000 individuals across 103 countries forwarded solutions to the four challenges of Solve. The open challenges of Solve comprise of ‘teachers Educators,’ ‘Coastal Communities,’ ‘Frontlines of Health,’ and ‘Work of the Future.’ The platform has many essential advisors such as Ursula M. Burns, Colin M. Angle, Laurene Powell Jobs, among others. Publiseer is a popular digital platform in the country. It helps the African musicians and writers from low-income communities to monetize and distribute their work. That is ensured across more than 400 digital stores in 100 countries. Its main aim is to promote the Africans creativity to the whole world using spoken words and books. Nigerian internet entrepreneurs and computer programmers founded Publiseer. It has monetized and distributed more than 600 creative works from Africans.

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