Pangea to Invest $50K in 11 African Startups

Pangea accelerator

Pangea startup which is based in Norway links African startups to international investors. The startup also has offices in Nairobi, Kenya. The startup announced on Friday 6th April 2018 a total of 11 startups that will take home an investment worth $50,000 from shortlisted international investors. Pangea connects African based startups with international expertise and investment.  The shortlisted startups are participants of Pangea’s accelerator program. Furthermore, the program runs for a period of 12 weeks. The program runs via a partnership between Pangea and @iBizAfrica from Strathmore University and Liquid Telecom.

The interested investors will undergo the Pangea’s investment program. The program will run for a period of 6 weeks. Amongst the 11 shortlisted startups, 9 of them are from Kenya. The other two are from Nigeria and Egypt. The selection of the startups was carried out by a panel consisting of experts from Longitude Finance. Experts also came from BDO EA, Innovation Norway, and Mastercard Foundation. The startup initially targeted 10 startups though it ended up selecting 11 startups. This proves how strong the business ideas most of the startups had. This is according to Jane Save Ndungo the Innovation Norway marketing advisor.  The Pangea program will offer best investment opportunities for international investors. This is according to Pangea CEO Jonas Tefu. Here are the 11 shortlisted startups.

Kenyan based Bisharabot. It is a marketing platform that assists in solving customer’s questions. Furthermore, it helps in simplifying the checkout process and gives the easiest marketing options.

Acacia Innovation based in Kenya.  It supplies biomass briquettes to small businesses and schools. Furthermore, it has cookstove and briquette subscription model.

Tozzaplus from Kenya; offers tech business management tool for small businesses. It does this through integrated invoicing, payouts, accounting and customer relationship management procedures.

Yusudi from Kenya:  It offers learning program that instills development skills. The skills help people in growing their career as entrepreneurs or employees.

Skolera from Egypt. It is an ed-tech startup that enhances full distribution and digitization of resources. Furthermore, it enhances communication and collaboration, assessment, reporting and monitoring and supervision.

Kenyan based Onesha.  It offers an online platform for African best creative. Through it, ventures can access sorted and vetted group of creative in different categories. The creative are those who are able to deliver on given tasks at the venture’s budget.

Usalama from Kenya:  It links users to emergency service providers in quick and the best ways. The emergency service providers include police, security, ambulance, roadside help and many more.

Lakeview Fisheries based in Kenya. it has developed a network of micro-franchise fish vendors. The vendors are placed in some of the startup’s 500 locations across Nairobi.

HelpMum from Nigeria is a healthcare startup that works on reducing infant and maternal death across Africa.

Sure Corporation found in Kenya.  It runs a pre-booked shuttle service in Kenyan capital known as Safiri Express.

Kenyan based SaveKubwa which offers insurance services for motor vehicles.

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