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10 Côte d’Ivoire Startups to Watch


West Africa has experienced growth of various startups, and Côte d’Ivoire is not an exception. Here are ten startups within the state that are experiencing growth and contributing to economic development in Côte d’Ivoire.

PEG Africa

The startup operates in West Africa and offers subsidiaries on solar home systems for low-income earners. Their operations are mainly centered in rural areas and peri-urban where they offer pay-as-you-go services for persons earning between $1 and $6 daily.


BaraChic is an online consumer lender that offers its clients opportunity to take loans for buying goods and services on e-commerce websites then repay the money directly from their salaries or bank debit cards.


The company offers a smile to informal retailers as they utilize data mining, buy back guarantee of unsold products and last mile delivery on their operations. The company, therefore, deals in domestic distribution of staple foods in Africa.

Chalkboard Education

As its name suggests, the company focuses on mobile education even on gadgets that can’t access the internet. Students can download the app and use it to access their curricula, and the app is designed for multiple technologies to ensure that students in remote areas are not disadvantaged.

Spiderone (FasterCapital)

The organization having experience in mobile security equipment decided to produce and sale tracking systems and integrated remote monitoring devices.


It is a platform integrated with Cloud-based Learning Management System which allows various organizations to offer online training programs to their clients.


Kalejob has developed an application that connects various unemployed youths to available job opportunities. Once there’s a job offer in an organization that requires your skills, SMS or MMS notifies the relevant persons.


This is a social and digital marketing company that provides various services ranging from web design, Google Adwords Management, web development, e-commerce, Google Analytics management, digital marketing, Analytics Report and Ai Bot.


The startup has simplified the life of an African TV viewer simple by distributing over 50 TV channels on smartphones, computers, smartphones and feature phones.

Dip Afrique

It is an African startup portrait that offers DataBox for capturing paper information then an e-Dip capture system for management of electronic, archives and papers.


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