Senegal’s Top Startups of the Year


Startups that venture into various sectors of the economy in Senegal have recorded success stories. Here are some of the startups that have received widespread accolades in Senegal.


It offers financial support to various clients in developing countries for solar products. The company prides itself on providing after-sales commitment and building trust with the locals. They have an affordable financial plan for their clients.


The company offers an interface where customers visiting or living in Africa can book and review various restaurants in Africa. They have an application that is multilingual, and they intend to add more languages since the app currently operates in English, Spanish, French, and Mandarin.


The company is working on a way of ensuring that digital money transfers are exclusively done on Bitcoins. Since the statistics recorded that a significant amount of money is transferred in Africa, the startup came up with an option of reducing the fee paid. Notably, the fee charged by some money transfer systems go up to 12.5%, but Bitcoin charges less.

Rapid Performance Senegal

The company has a platform with an in-built credit scoring system called Tontine that provides financial aid to farmers, entrepreneurs, the sick and others. They have various programs such as fertilizer purchasing program and a smartphone purchasing program.

Dakar Farmers Market (DFM)

The startup specializes in organizing multiple events in various cities and farmers markets. Besides, the company uses a customized app that organizes vendors and shoppers. The vendors are allowed to book space for upcoming events in marketplaces.


The startup helps business travelers to book flights within Africa at affordable prices hence reducing time wastage in booking.

Nadji.Bi Group

The company designs molds for its product casing. The products are made from a combination of Smart Electronics PCBAs, LED lighting, Lithium type batteries and Cristalline PV modules, and they optimize the relations between the above components.


The company has an intuitive design since it uses an app that connects people from different regions with a common interest in a particular topic. Their social networking program connects public forum and social network.


It’s a two-sided B2B startup that connects African construction companies to suppliers globally hence enabling secure transactions. The company avails construction equipment for both small and big companies in Africa.


It’s an online shopping platform that identified that consumption of individuals is constant. They, therefore, utilized the opportunity to deliver goods bought online to the customers fast and at pocket-friendly prices.


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