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10 Startups to watch in Nigeria in 2019


TechInAfrica – As you know, we are at TechInAfrica, passionated with startups all around the African continent. We have started now that series of watchlist of startups in different African countries, and let’s continue this with Nigeria.

Nigeria is part of the Gulf of Guinea, and has a population of 198 million people. There is a significant surge in attention and accolade being given to the technology start-up ecosystem in Nigeria. One of the more recent being the Global Start-up Ecosystem Report which estimated the Lagos start-up ecosystem as $2 billion; making it the most valuable in Africa. If market size is anything to go by, there is indeed a strong justification for why attention and investment should shift towards building the Nigerian technology ecosystem. There is immense value waiting to be created amidst the chaos and weak infrastructure.

With 149.4 million mobile subscriptions, which represent more than 75% of the population and 50% of the mobile users connected to internet, Nigeria has a huge advertising audience on Social media where Facebook and Instagram represents 29.8 millions of active users every month.
Here are 10 startups that we have selected in Zambia for 2019, that are disrupting different industries with new technologies.


Dash is a smart wallet in the cloud that enables you make ultra-fast and secure payments with your mobile phone in stores and on the web.
Dash brilliantly combines payments, customer loyalty and analytics into one amazing solution for businesses.

TechAtlast, also known as TechAtLastHQ, is a top tech blog, founded to cater for people of all tribes and cultures – all over the world. This blog was created to provide day-to-day guides on how people could lead a successful and healthy lives with in-depth technology advancement reports, reviews and discoveries. Beside these aims, the site focuses on business setups all across Africa and other continents of the world.

NerveFlo is a unified digital content marketplace that allows creators from emerging nations sell their movies/short-films etc directly to mobile & web consumers. We’ve built this web/mobile marketplace to work brilliantly for emerging markets because it addresses the key bandwidth limitations and digital piracy limitations in these markets.

Medsaf is an easy to use platform where African medical providers can purchase and manage medications. using Medsaf results in lower costs, increased operational efficiency, and steady access to quality medications.

With Spryfit, users can search for available classes from yoga to available gym time near them, book a session and work out where and when they wish. Also users can share their workout routines on the apps social feed and facebook.

JAMA is an innovative service that allow users leverage over 70 million mobile phones in Nigeria to aggregate market data in real time, whilst providing a platform for respondents (Jammers) to earn redeemable rewards.
Anyone interested in targeted data collection or digital market research is their ideal customer. Segments include; Product developers, Monitoring and Evaluation teams, Government, academia, marketing and brand executives.

Coverdor is Nigeria’s first fully digital insurance platform that enables Nigerian millennials access simplified insurance anywhere, anytime, directly from there mobile device and also manage all aspects of insurance transactions in realtime, completely online.


 DeepQuest AI produces an AI server you can easily install, use completely offline or on the cloud for Face Recognition, Object Detection, Scene Recognition and Custom Recognition APIs to build business and industrial applications.
Sweetkiwi Frozen Yogurt is an enterprise that provides premium and healthy frozen yogurt using the freshest, finest and richest ingredients. It’s a healthier alternative dessert to the calorie type of ice cream.

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