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10 Startups to watch in Tanzania in 2019


TechInAfrica – As you know, we are at TechInAfrica, passionated with startups all around the African continent. We have started now that series of watchlist of startups in different African countries, and let’s continue this with Tanzania.

Tanzania is part of East Africa, and has a population of 60 million people. The country is making innovative and technological advancement by the establishment of economic zones, industrial parks and innovation hubs. Most global innovation ecosystem reports and maps still consider Tanzania among the countries with few spaces to support entrepreneurs. That was a fact a few years ago but it isn’t anymore. With spaces cutting across sectors, locations, and communities they serve, Tanzania innovation ecosystem is among the most diverse innovation ecosystem
With 43 million mobile subscriptions, which represent more than 70% of the population and 38% of the mobile users connected to internet, Tanzania has a huge advertising audience on Social media where Facebook and Instagram represents 6.7 millions of active users every month. Here are 10 startups that we have selected in Tanzania for 2019, that are disrupting different industries with new technologies.


bimaAFYA (health insurance) enables a person from Low income population and Informal sector afford a Lowest premium, Highest benefits, Mobile distributed, Mobile phone managed benefits platform and Mobile money paid micro-health insurnace. It is designed for the 80% of the poor, informal sector African population elimitaniting 99% of the insurance administration costs through a highly innovative

Telescrypt has built a low-bandwidth, easy-to-use hardware, web and mobile-based platform to facilitate telemedicine in developing countries, and place patient information in the hands of physicians in an intuitive and easy-to-use format.. They have created a vertical solution including a data management (ibm bluemix), software (mobile application) and wearable device solution with the point of focusing

Tanzania Tech think about how Africa need to understand about technology, they provide tech news in Swahili language so that many people in Tanzania can understand whats going on in technology industry.

Dundiza Tanzania is a proprietary online site that helps young people and women in Tanzania and Africa to save their money wisely either daily, weekly, monthly and yearly using their own mobile phones. This financial savings siteis free to the users, how ever for those users who save yearly get a chunk of interest for long term savings.
Basically, young people and women in Tanzania and Africa
Harlos‘s product is used shipping containers which help people solve the problem of flexible storage, movable offices during projects and stylish store for business. Their customer are manufacturing companies, construction companies and small business on food and retails.
PayChap is a smart, and innovative payment platform in Tanzania.
They accelerate Tanzania towards cashless economy by offering a mobile wallet app that combines convenience and reliability with secure world-class payment technology and infrastructure which involves the core function of ‘Scan to Pay’ feature by use of QR code technology

FixChap is a digital platform through which clients can book repair requests and get connected with verified servicemen within their locations. Servicemen are sourced from the national vocational training institutions, they have centers countrywide with networks of trained youths.This enables home owners and office owners to be attended by competent people.

Primeware is a Digital Solutions Firm, serving local and multinational companies from various industries. They provide solutions for Web,Mobile and Messaging platforms to help your business stand out in todays digital age. They are also the leading chatbot development and data analytics firm in East Africa.

GreenFeed is safe,quality and affordable animal feed made from fresh food waste. GreenFeed can be fed to poultry, pigs, cattle, dogs and shorts. It is made from food scraps. Fresh Food scraps are collected from markets, homes, groceries, restaurants and other public places. They are sorted ,washed with water, shredded and sun dried. The feed is then mixed with other ingredients as per animal

ClickPesa enables customers to make payments for goods and services using there existing m-money, bank accounts, bitcoin wallets and any other store of value. ClickPesa makes merchants except all forms of electronic payments from multiple channels (i.e. web, POS/Mpos) in one single infrastructure.


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