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54gene Support Clinical Studies In Nigeria 

source: 54gene (Twitter)

TechInAfrica – The African genomics company 54gene has launched its Clinical Program Services (CPS) division to provide services, intelligence, logistics, and infrastructure in end-to-end clinical development.

 This will support the clinical trials in the continent, which will start from Nigeria. The company will partner with a global leader in biosimulation Certara to give oversight and support in any conducted studies.

 54gene Chief Commercial Officer, Jessica Rich commented, “The inclusion of Africans in clinical programs is critical to the production of medicines and health products that are more efficacious and safe for people of African descent. It is vital that we continue to collaborate with African researchers and institutions to generate data that meets the scientific rigor found in worldwide studies and to increase African inclusion in global studies. It is essential that more research takes place on the continent and we are ready to be part of that change.”

“Alongside key partners like Certara and other important stakeholders across the continent, the UNITY Global Study is a great opportunity for some of the best clinical teams across Sub-Saharan Africa to come together and ensure outcomes of any COVID-19 studies are relevant to Africans. The insights generated from this program could potentially unlock breakthrough clinical discoveries that can improve health outcomes for millions of people globally.”

 “Healthcare workers have a high incidence of severe COVID-19 as they are repeatedly exposed to individuals infected with SARS-CoV-2. With limited evidence on the effectiveness of the preventative measures and treatments currently being used, collaborating with key partners such as 54gene is invaluable for expanding the current body of research,” Roman Casciano, General Manager of Certara’s evidence and access group said.

 “Through our country partners’ support and findings from the registry, we hope to provide meaningful data to inform decision making that will help protect healthcare workers worldwide battling COVID-19 on the frontlines.”



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